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You are at the Spanish chapter of DBpedia.

In a hurry? This is a query over the Spanish dbpedia: "What bullfighters were married to copla singers?"(copla is a traditional Spanish style, existing as a category in the Spanish Wikipedia).

Do you want to see it slowly? Copy and paste in the Spanish SPARQL endpoint the query text you see in the following box.

PREFIX dbpedia-owl: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>
SELECT ?torero ?cantante WHERE{
  ?torero rdf:type dbpedia-owl:BullFighter .
  ?torero dbpedia-owl:spouse ?cantante .
  ?cantante dcterms:subject <ía:Cantantes_de_coplas>

Click the "Run Query" button. As you can see, this is the answer:


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The DBpedia project has been generating semantic information from the english wikipedia. From June 2011 the extraction process extracts information from Wikipedia in 15 of their non-english languages. One of these is the Spanish language. The DBpedia internationalization committee has assigned a web site and a SPARQL endpoint to each one of these languages.

The extraction process for the Spanish language has produced so far almost 200 millon RDF triples. In the SPARQL endpoint the most relevant triples (~170 millions) are available. This work depends on researchers from UPM: (Mariano Rico, untill Nov 2013 at UAM) and Oscar Corcho, both of them belonging to the Spanish Thematic Network of Linked Data, as well as individuals who dedicate their time and effort to this initiative. This initiative started on a mapping generation hackathon that was celebrated under the auspices of the aforementioned network Acknowledgement

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