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Already done#

  1. (7th june 2012) Virtuoso moves from commercial version 6.3 to its equivalent open-source 6.1. There should be no side effects.
  2. (28th may 2012) More examples of SPARQL quieries (in Spanish)in Ejemplos de consultas SPARQL and Preguntas abiertas.
  3. (24th may 2012) "Pure data" download provided by Virtuoso. Any resource in (for example, <>) can be downloaded as RDF from Other formats such as atom , or n3 are available. See Download pure data.
  4. (21st may 2012) You can socialize (tweet, +1 or like) the page you are viewing.
  5. (11th may 2012) The trail is working (in the upper side of the page, "Your trail:"). It shows the list of visited pages in order to provide an easier navigation.
  6. (11th may 2012) RSS feeds running. Look for the orange icon in the lower part of the left column o, the same icon, at the bottom of any page.
  7. (10th may 2012) The resource viewer provided by Virtuoso is available. Any resource in (for example, <>) can be shown in your browser as a web page from o
  8. (9th may 2012) Localized resources. We have changed the resources from to
  9. (9th may 2012) Data update. We processed the last spanish wikipedia dump.

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