Property Value
  • 8636010 (xsd:integer)
  • 40 (xsd:integer)
  • 126937042 (xsd:integer)
  • China (es)
  • China (es)
is dbo:affiliation of
is dbo:aircraftUser of
is dbo:almaMater of
is dbo:birthPlace of
is dbo:city of
is dbo:country of
is dbo:deathPlace of
is dbo:distributor of
is dbo:division of
is dbo:ethnicity of
is dbo:foundationPlace of
is dbo:headquarter of
is dbo:homeArena of
is dbo:homeStadium of
is dbo:hometown of
is dbo:ideology of
is dbo:languageRegulator of
is dbo:locatedInArea of
is dbo:location of
is dbo:locationCity of
is dbo:locationCountry of
is dbo:map of
is dbo:militaryUnit of
is dbo:nationalTeam of
is dbo:nationality of
is dbo:occupation of
is dbo:origin of
is dbo:pictureDescription of
is dbo:place of
is dbo:product of
is dbo:productionCompany of
is dbo:regionServed of
is dbo:residence of
is dbo:spokenIn of
is dbo:team of
is dbo:territory of
is dbo:type of
is prop-es:(103Años)LugarDeFallecimiento of
is prop-es:areaServed of
is prop-es:asentamiento of
is prop-es:asentamientos of
is prop-es:astillero of
is prop-es:aux of
is prop-es:birthPlace of
is prop-es:capital of
is prop-es:cargo of
is prop-es:ciudad of
is prop-es:ciudadSirve of
is prop-es:ciudaddenacimiento of
is prop-es:datos of
is prop-es:deathPlace of
is prop-es:debuts of
is prop-es:destino of
is prop-es:enemigos of
is prop-es:estadio of
is prop-es:estados of
is prop-es:etiqueta of
is prop-es:etnia of
is prop-es:fechaDeNacimiento of
is prop-es:financiamiento of
is prop-es:foundation of
is prop-es:fundación of
is prop-es:fábrica of
is prop-es:hoy of
is prop-es:hqLocationCountry of
is prop-es:ideología of
is prop-es:launchSite of
is prop-es:localizacion of
is prop-es:localizaciones of
is prop-es:localización of
is prop-es:location of
is prop-es:locationCity of
is prop-es:locationCountry of
is prop-es:lugar of
is prop-es:lugarCelebración of
is prop-es:lugarDeDefunción of
is prop-es:lugarDeFallecimiento of
is prop-es:lugarDeFundación of
is prop-es:lugarDeNacimiento of
is prop-es:lugarFallecimiento of
is prop-es:lugarNacimiento of
is prop-es:lugarSuscripción of
is prop-es:lugares of
is prop-es:lugaresAfectados of
is prop-es:lugarmuerte of
is prop-es:lugarnac of
is prop-es:lugarnacimiento of
is prop-es:mriLugar of
is prop-es:nacDeportiva of
is prop-es:nacionalida of
is prop-es:nacionalidad of
is prop-es:operadores of
is prop-es:origen of
is prop-es:pais of
is prop-es:paisdenacimiento of
is prop-es:país of
is prop-es:paísDeOrigen of
is prop-es:paísOriginal of
is prop-es:países of
is prop-es:ppiLugar of
is prop-es:presencia of
is prop-es:pri2Lugar of
is prop-es:priLugar of
is prop-es:procedencia of
is prop-es:productos of
is prop-es:proveedoresExtranjeros of
is prop-es:reconocidaEn of
is prop-es:referencia of
is prop-es:región of
is prop-es:regreso of
is prop-es:residencia of
is prop-es:residenciaArt of
is prop-es:retiro of
is prop-es:sede of
is prop-es:sedeCentral of
is prop-es:selección of
is prop-es:shows of
is prop-es:sitio of
is prop-es:tema of
is prop-es:tipo of
is prop-es:ubicación of
is prop-es:usuarios of
is prop-es:veneradoEn of
is prop-es:zonasAfectadas of
is prop-es:árbitra of
is prop-es:áreaDeInfluencia of
is prop-es:áreaDeTransmisión of
is prop-es:áreasAfectadas of
is foaf:primaryTopic of