Comparison for esDBpedia version 2016

Versión en español

On June 18th 2018 we updated the data available in the SPARQL endpoint.

The following SPARQL query retrieves the number of instances for each class in the DBpedia ontology.

SELECT ?class (COUNT(?s) AS ?count) WHERE {
 ?s a ?class .
 filter (strstarts(str(?s), "")) .
 filter (strstarts(str(?class), ""))
} GROUP BY ?class ORDER BY DESC(?count)

The following figure shows the increase on the number of instances from the previous version (DBpedia 2014) to the new one (DBpedia 10-2016) for the most populated classes.
Por instance, for class 'Agent' we have moved from 276,260 instancias to 363,866.

If we compare with the previous data update, in which we went from version 3.9 to the 2014 version, we must notice the following: