Property Value
  • 15551 (xsd:integer)
  • 32 (xsd:integer)
  • 127189042 (xsd:integer)
  • URSS (es)
  • URSS (es)
is dbo:aircraftUser of
is dbo:award of
is dbo:birthPlace of
is dbo:citizenship of
is dbo:company of
is dbo:country of
is dbo:deathPlace of
is dbo:headquarter of
is dbo:hometown of
is dbo:manufacturer of
is dbo:nationalTeam of
is dbo:nationality of
is dbo:occupation of
is dbo:origin of
is dbo:place of
is dbo:publisher of
is dbo:residence of
is prop-es:countryOfOrigin of
is prop-es:destino of
is prop-es:lugar of
is prop-es:lugarDeDefunción of
is prop-es:lugarDeFallecimiento of
is prop-es:lugarDeNacimiento of
is prop-es:lugarFallecimiento of
is prop-es:lugarNacimiento of
is prop-es:lugarSuscripción of
is prop-es:lugares of
is prop-es:lugarmuerte of
is prop-es:lugarnac of
is prop-es:lugarnacimiento of
is prop-es:nacionalidad of
is prop-es:nación of
is prop-es:operadores of
is prop-es:organización of
is prop-es:paisdenacimiento of
is prop-es:país of
is prop-es:paísDeOrigen of
is prop-es:priLugar of
is prop-es:residencia of
is prop-es:retiro of
is prop-es:sede of
is prop-es:época of
is foaf:primaryTopic of